NIRPA membership

We can say with some justification that payroll accounting is complex and there are a lot of pitfalls. We see it as our responsibility to protect our clients from these. This sets requirements for the quality and skills of our professionals. To guarantee that you can trust that our professionals are optimally equipped in terms of knowledge and skills, in 2016 we became a collective member of the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Payroll Accounting  (NIRPA). ‘Collective member’ means that all Pay-Check employees are registered and that there is therefore no dependency on a particular person.


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NIRPA guarantees the quality of professionals working in the payroll accounting field. Members are registered in the Register of Payroll Accountants (Rsa) and the Register of Payroll Professionals (RPP). This is based on qualifications and annual Permanent Education. It also ensures that Pay-Check professionals stay up to date with the knowledge and skills needed to exercise their profession. At the moment, Pay-Check has seven professionals. Our managing director and tax lawyer Mr. Joris Weijers, is also a guest lecturer at Auxilium and Enkwest.

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